Monthly updates – April 2018

Cardiff Cycle City Open Meeting Summary, Wednesday 25 April 2018 at Ride My Bike Cafe, Park Place, Cardiff.

Our April meeting was the first proper meeting since January due to events involving the Chief Constable of South Wales Police Matt Jukes, and Guardian journalist and author Peter Walker

The meeting took place immediately after the Cycle Superhighway Consultation Event, a summary of which can be read by clicking on the link.

Report from the Chair:

Chair Gwenda Owen reported on items discussed at the recent Cycling Stakeholder Advisory Group. Cardiff Cycle City representatives meet with council officers and representatives from other interested parties across Cardiff (e.g. Health, British Cycling, ForCardiff (formerly Cardiff BID).

Recent agenda included a visit to the Traffic Control centre and discussion on timings of Pelican/Toucan and all crossings & traffic light timings. Cardiff Cycle City have been asked to make suggestions for pilots and policy on timings:

If any C=CC supporters have a suggestion to make for which traffic lights should be adjusted as part of a pilot, please post a comment below or email

Similarly, the council are looking for possible locations for some Cycle Ports. These are cycle-parking stands in the shape and footprint of a single car (see pic). Initial suggestions included the Cowbridge Rd East car park, adjacent to Kings Rd, where there is currently no cycle parking.

If any C=CC supporters have a suggestion to make for where Cycle Ports could be installed as part of a pilot, please post a comment below or email

The dates for formal phases of the Next Bike scheme were also reported by the Chair:

  • Phase 1 being complete by 27 May,
  • Phase 2 by end of August (the completion of this phase should see a total of 25 cycle port/collection locations throughout the city).


Confirmed future events include:

  • 30th May
    • Cardiff Bus – Building a better relationship between bikes and buses
    • Traveline Cymru – Developing a Welsh cycle travel planner
  • 25th July
    • Discussion and Q&A session with Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning & Transport, Caro Wild

Other Information

The Close Pass initiative – Enforcement will start on selected busy roads in September 2018.  GoSafe Cardiff have 4 mats that will be displayed at a GoSafe event on Roald Dahl Plass in late September (27-29).

Central Cycle Hub – Query on whether the cycle hub has been officially deleted from the bus station development, to be replaced by two smaller hubs north and south of Central Station.  It was clarified that Transport For Wales have ownership. It was agreed that C=CC would write to Ken Skates, and ask AMs to write to Ken Skates, to clarify and ask for confirmation there WILL be cycle hubs and facilities.

HGVs in Bus Lanes – It was also agreed that C=CC would write to Ken Skates and AMs objecting to proposal that  HGVs use bus lanes.

Consultations and responses – it was noted that there are numerous topics currently open for consultation, by various bodies, which all have an impact on cycling in one way or another. To avoid confusion and to ensure maximum response C=CC have attempted to maintain a comprehensive list:

  • Cardiff’s Transport and Clean Air Green Paper
    “This Green Paper sets out our big ideas of changes we could make that we believe would improve transport and air quality in our city. They are all possible but we want to have a conversation with the people of Cardiff about the issues, and how changes could impact their lives because, ultimately, we will all need to shape our future together.”
  • DfT Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) safety review
    Invites those with an interest in improving safety of cyclists and pedestrians to provide evidence, drawing on experience from the UK or other countries, that can be used to shape future policy decisions.
  • Planning Policy Wales
    In light of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, we are proposing to revise Planning Policy Wales (PPW). PPW has been restructured into policy themes around the well-being goals and policy updated to reflect new Welsh Government strategies and policies.
  • Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP) Review
    Do you use paths in Cardiff for walking, by wheelchair, cycling, horse riding – or just getting outdoors? If so Cardiff Council’s Public Rights of Way team would like your ideas and views about the current and future ROWIP plans.


Cardiff Cycle City is run by volunteers. If you have any time or skills that you think would benefit our cause then please get in touch!

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