Monthly updates – October 2019

Cardiff Cycle City Open Meeting Summary. 30/10/19

Meeting Chaired by Chris Roberts.

The agenda of the meeting included reports on the current cycling-related matters in the city, as well as ongoing projects and proposals for the future:

If you have any opinions or comments on any of the topics raised then please use the comment box at the bottom of the page to get involved in the conversation!


Manifesto/Vision update [3]

Changing reference to VISION from Manifesto – agreed by the meeting 

The following points were made to add to the revision [2] :

  • 20 mph City: add point about lobbying for/or advocating for sensitive design of streets to slow traffic
  • New developments: add point – demand that sustainable transport be in place at the same time as the roads and must at a minimum be to the standards of Welsh government.
  • Cycling to school:  (many thanks given to PS for his work on this section) – add:
    • every child to be given the opportunity to understand sustainable transport through the school curriculum.
    • C=CC to respond to any consultations on the Schools Curriculum content.
  • People making whole, continuous, journeys: add:
    • safe, direct, continuous
    • Covered parking when people reach their destination; 
  • Make Cardiff a great place to cycle to work;  campaign for better signage on how to get about Cardiff.
  • New Metro:  add point to maintain C=CC relationship with TfW and build on this.

The meeting agreed the main VISION and AIMS points – which could be uploaded to the website whilst we continue to build on the “what we can do” points.

The role of the Committee in making this happen

Discussion included – what are the outcomes of what we do? How do we/can we assess whether the work we do actually achieves things? Can we find someone to take the lead on e.g. New Developments? Can we survey C=CC supporters to find out what skills people have?  What skills do we need?? People with graphic design skills? People adept at developing surveys?

The meeting agreed to survey C=CC supporters with the VISION points and ask whether there are any aspects of this that interest you or that you are prepared to help us in?

2019 AGM – Date agreed

Wednesday 18 December prior to a Christmas Party

AGM Timetable :    

  • Deadline for notice of AGM out by 27 November — coincidentally the Emily Chappell talk date, so an opportunity to speak about the Vision and pointing people – if they are prepared/interested to help us –  to the nominations process and AGM date.
  • Deadline for AGM papers and nomination (forms or instructions) by weekend 29/30 November.
  • Nominations deadline:  Tuesday 10 December to Secretary

Christmas Party:  Wed 18 December

incorporating AGM at the start of the evening. Potential events:

  • a cycling quiz
  • blindfold innertube change
  • bling your bike then ride on new Senghennydd Road cycleway
  • AWARDS: meeting agreed there would be NO awards this year

Raising funds:

EMILY CHAPPELL EVENT:  Proposal for a raffle to raise funds for C=CC (rather than having the donations box).  Tickets sell at £2 a strip. Meeting agreed to invest in offering a free Ride My Bike bike service as first prize, with the Christmas sox and book as further prizes.  So every person at the event would need to be buying a strip of tickets!

It was suggested that a C=CC Christmas Card to sell at the event and at the next Cycle Jumble.  We would be willing to produce the card if someone could come up with a good Cardiff cycling image (bicycle in the snow by Cardiff Castle? Bicycle in/near a Cardiff landmark?). Appeal for images is needed!

Outstanding items from July meeting:

We are keeping an eye on the HMOs licence Conditions review in relation to number of bicycle stands required.

ForCardiff still to be approached regarding the Cycling on Queen street issues.

FREE bicycle stands for businesses – postcards done. We just need an image (ditto above request for image for christmas card). We are also checking whether there is a BikeLife report image that we may be able to use.

Any other business

A RIDE with Councillors and Council officers was suggested for 2020.

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