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Would you like to help achieve our Cardiff Cycle City vision of our capital city being the best cycling city in the UK? Here’s what you can do.

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On Facebook and Instagram we’re @CardiffCycleCity and on Twitter/X we’re @CdffCycleCity.


Everything we do is via unpaid volunteers! Come and help out. You can get involved by joining one of our working groups, or we might be able to harness your enthusiasm for just one-off initiatives. Tee up a chat via our social media or email addresses.


Maybe donate a few quid. There are costs to what we do: Website hosting, venue hire, banners and business cards. We only keep going through donations, thank you.

When you drive

For the drivers amongst us: Walk, cycle and use public transport where you can! Be proud of and evangelise your walking, cycling and public transport use; you’re helping to save lives, maybe even your own! Understand the raft of Highway Code changes that came into force in 2022; many to safeguard road users like cyclists and pedestrians  

Drive patiently around cyclists and adhere to the 1.5m Highway Code minimum passing space rule. Don’t speed, even in 20mph zones (there are 7-10x fewer deaths if hit at 20mph versus 30mph 1).

Contact us

If you want to chat via email, we’re at For anything a bit more formal we’re also at For any conventional mail, with the sad demise of RideMyBike cafe, Cardiff Cycle City are somewhat homeless. However, our friends at Cardiff Pedal Power have been good enough to help us out. If you have any conventional post for Cardiff Cycle City, or just want to check out all the fantastic and accessible cycling services Pedal Power provide, here’s the address. Please note, we are entirely separate organisations, they’re just doing us a temporary favour ’cause they’re such nice people who are similarly passionate about cycling!

Cardiff Cycle City

c/o Friends of Pedal Power Project Ltd

Off Dogo Street


CF11 9JJ

Sources: 1 20’s Plenty for Us