Cycling and active travel for schools

Is your school environment an idyllic model of safe, healthy, active travel? Or, is the school run chaotic with vehicles and an unwelcoming place for cycling, scooting and walking? If it’s the latter we at Cardiff Cycle City may be able to advise and help.

At Cardiff Cycle City we’re passionate about getting a far greater proportion of children travelling actively, and particularly cycling, to school.

In these web pages we’ve set out why we feel it’s so important. We’ve also offered some advice, information and encouragement for enthusiastic individuals and groups who might want to kick-start their own school-run by bike, or grow active travel uptake at their school. There’s also some case study information to demonstrate what successes have already been achieved.

Use it, let us know how you get on, tell us if there’s anything we can add and get in touch if we can help.

Happy (school run) cycling…