Monthly updates – January 2018

Cycling monthly meeting

Cardiff Cycle City Open Meeting Summary, Thursday 25 January 2018 at Ride My Bike Cafe, Park Place, Cardiff.

The meeting received reports on progress for;

  • The development of the on-line survey for parents of two local schools
  • Cycle Hangars and proposals for four possible pilot locations (update pending)
  • The Julie Morgan Whitchurch Rugby Club event and the possibility for future similar events with other assembly members.

It was agreed that we change the regular meeting date to the last Wednesday of each month from April 2018 onwards (next meeting 25 April)

Events planned:

  • Wed 14 Feb 2018, 1800 Chief Constable S Wales will be talking about cycle security and operation SNAP.
  • There will be a SHORT business AGM after the talk.

The next event will be on Wed 21 March and so Wednesday 25 April will therefore be the next Open Meeting.

Other Information:

THE AGM: will include election of officers for the roles of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership/supporters … nominations to be received at on or before WEDNESDAY 7 FEBRUARY 2018.  

CAR FREE DAY: will be Sunday 13 May 2018 organised by HSBC British Cycling.  Cardiff Cycle City will set up a twitter hashtag for people to share photos of their experiences.

FUND RAISING:  we will be taking cash donations on 14 Feb and 21 March events.

RECRUITMENT: If you are a Marketeer, a Comm’s or Business Person who could help us in the next exciting phase of the development of Cardiff Cycle City, please see below for detail of our request for help:

A major function of Cardiff Cycle City is to communicate all cycling-related developments in Cardiff to as many cyclists as possible. To this end we need to find a way to raise public awareness of our group, ideally by a combination of traditional methods and online social media channels.

If you have any experience of building a marketing campaign, or have any ideas about how to increase our profile and can help in any way, please contact us at with the email subject Marketing Strategy Offer.


  • PS is leading on the survey for schools
  • JH, LVZ, JMQ and MJ on Cycle Hangars
  • LVZ is leading on a petition for lighting along the Cardiff Bay Edge walk/cycle way
  • RC to get a list of local cycle clubs to help with raising profile
  • IL will work on a project plan for Car Free Day hashtag

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