Cardiff Council Cycle Hangar Consultation

Cyclehoop bike hangar

It was a long time ago – two and a half years in fact – that we initially posted about campaigning for residential cycle storage facilities such as the cycle hangars that were being installed all over London.

Unfortunately there was little to no progress, despite there being huge support amongst cycling residents of Cardiff, including our followers on social media, so we decided to create a petition. This very rapidly gained momentum, and is still open to signatures HERE

Just a few weeks later we were delighted to be informed that the council were moving forward with a trail of the scheme, with a request for people to make suggestions for suitable locations:

The council have provided a link to a survey where people can make suggestions. We highly recommend that you fill it in; there’s nothing that says it has to be for your benefit, or that it has to be in your particular street. The consultation closes on 6 November, so there isn’t much time left!

There has been no mention of how long it will take to get the first hangar on the ground, so we will continue to communicate with the council to ensure that things make reasonable progress.

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