Space For Cycling

space for cycling roadshowCardiff Cycle City have adopted the nationwide ‘Space for Cycling’ campaign, as pioneered by Cycling UK and London Cycling Campaign.

The campaign is simple: we are calling on the council to create a network of cycle-friendly routes, so that anybody of any age or ability can enjoy their journey through the freedom of cycling.



To achieve this there is a three-point plan that we want the councillors to sign up to:

  • Plan – Plan a full network of cycle-friendly routes that allow people of all ages and abilities to cycle anywhere for any purpose
  • Invest – Actively seek the funding to implement the network and invest a minimum of 5-10% of the local transport budget in cycling
  • Build – Build the network using the most up-to-date high quality design standards

With the Cardiff council elections on the horizon now is the time to be writing to your local councillor requesting that they commit to providing space for cycling. The more people that do this the more likely it is that they will take notice.

To make the process easier there is a handy page on the Space for Cycling website that will identify your local councillor and provide their contact details.