Cardiff’s Transport & Clean Air Green Paper

Changing how we move around a growing city

Cardiff Council have recently released their Transport and Clean Air Green Paper, a document that “sets out big ideas of changes they could make that they believe would improve transport and air quality in our city.”

According to Cllr Caro Wild, Cabinet Member for Transport and Strategic Planning:

We all know Cardiff’s transport network needs to change. Too many of us have been stuck in traffic trying to drop off our children, or late for work because the bus didn’t turn up, and whilst a growing number want to walk or cycle, the facilities to do so are often inadequate.

This paper sets out our big ideas of changes we could make that we believe would improve transport and air quality in our city. They are all possible but we want to have a conversation with the people of Cardiff about the issues, and how changes could impact their lives because, ultimately, we will all need to shape our future together.

Cardiff Cycle City believe that this is an opportunity to let the council know how important it is to enable active travel in order to solve many of the issues that are raised. Also that there needs to be a city-wide plan to connect all modes of transport in an effort to reduce the number of private motor vehicles on our roads.

We need as many people as possible to complete the consultation form, in order to show the support for active travel, and to also counter the inevitable demand from those people who believe the city should retain the current car-centric status quo.

We have to be quick though, as the consultation closes on SUNDAY 1st JULY

How can you help

Read through the Transport and Clean Air Green Paper, which is made up of six themes, each of which has ideas and proposals that could improve transport and air quality in Cardiff.

Cardiff Clean Air SurveyVisit the online survey, which will ask you to rate each of the ideas on a scale of 1 to 5

There is also a free-text box that allows you to comment on the ideas, as well as suggest your own. This can be used to reinforce the importance of including cycling and active travel within any of the sections.

Towards the end of the survey there is particular emphasis placed on cars. In our opinion, there is a danger that investment in electric or autonomous vehicles could be a distraction from the hard task of reducing private car ownership, and dependancy on single occupancy vehicles.

Cardiff Cycle City are broadly supportive of all the ideas except for points 13, 14 and 17, 18, as long as active travel is a consideration in the planning.

We have also been informed that the council are collating comments on social media and adding them to the results of the survey, so if you are short on time then you can make your suggestions by reply on Facebook or Twitter:

Dirty air is now a greater public health risk than alcohol or obesity – tell us what you think of our ideas to change…

Posted by Cardiff Council / Cyngor Caerdydd on Monday, 25 June 2018


Cardiff Cycle City is run by volunteers. If you have any time or skills that you think would benefit our cause then please get in touch!

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