How Cardiff Cycle City can help

At Cardiff Cycle City we’re passionate about getting a far greater proportion of children travelling actively, and particularly cycling, to school.

In our latest manifesto (“Vision”) draft we state an aim “For every Child in Cardiff to be able to cycle to school safely”. These are the key ways in which we try to support this aim:

  • Be a conduit for information and act as facilitators and advisors for cycling to and from school
  • Advertise and promote the benefits
  • Help identify barriers to cycling to school
  • Help highlight the possibilities locally for changing infrastructure or behaviour
  • Develop and maintain a schools section on our website and publish schools Twitter and Facebook content
  • Highlight good work and success stories particularly locally but also nationally where we can
  • Help publicise events and participation
  • Provide and manage a schools mailbox to handle C=CC e-mail queries and requests for assistance with schools
  • Help parents, guardians, teachers, Governors or pupils with contacting and lobbying their schools on cycling and active travel
  • Provide a bridge between schools, other stakeholders (e.g. parents, guardians, Governors) and Cardiff Council services
  • Foster links with and work alongside like-minded organisations (e.g. Sustrans, Living Streets, Public Health Wales)
  • Respond to any relevant consultations on the Schools Curriculum content

So, if you think we can help in any of these respects, get in touch.

We’ve mentioned our schools active travel survey elsewhere on these schools pages. Already trialled with a north Cardiff school and in collaboration with Cardiff Council, we have shaped this as a reusable school survey. This seeks information about children’s school journeys, plus parent views on the surrounding road infrastructure and barriers and enablers for increased, safer active travel.

We used the survey on-line (via Google ‘FORMS’) but can provide copies in a range of formats and in Welsh and English versions. It’s easy to run, administer and analyse and provides a platform to help drive improvements with the school and Council. If you want a copy, get in touch.

At Cardiff Cycle City we have a wealth of active travel and cycling experience and contacts. Lots of our Committee members have worked closely with school Governors, teachers, local Councillors, Assembly Members, MPs, charities (like Sustrans, PedalPower, Living Streets and Friends of the Earth), Cycling UK, Welsh Cycling and the Cardiff Council Planning, Transport and Environment department. If you need our help to suggest contacts or avenues for discussions, again, get in touch.

You can contact us on our social media. Or drop us an e-mail at our dedicated Schools mailbox: Or pop along to one of our monthly meetings.