Cycling and the Police


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Ride My Bike Cafe
26 Park Place, Cardiff, Cardiff, CF10 3BA
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Do you cycle on the roads in Cardiff?

Matt Jukes in uniform
Matt Jukes, Chief Constable of South Wales Police

We’ve all complained about the police not taking cycling seriously enough.  Well now you’ve got your chance to talk to the top man in the South Wales Police.  Matt Jukes was appointed Chief Constable in January and has already agreed to come to talk to Cardiff Cycle City about his plans to help improve cycling in South Wales.

He will be at Ride My Bike Cafe, Park Place, Cardiff at 6.00pm on Wednesday February 14th.  OK, we know it’s Valentine’s Day but how much do you love your bike?  And we’ll be finished by 8.00pm so plenty of time to tandem off for that romantic dinner!


You’ll be able to ask questions on all issues relating to cycling safety and security.  Some of the things we want to know about are:

  • Operation Snap
  • The Close Pass Initiative
  • Enforcement of 20mph limits
  • Where to park your bike in Cardiff and know it will still be there when you come back

There’ll also be an opportunity to have your bike security marked for free after the meeting!

This really is a great opportunity to let the police know just how key cycling is to Cardiff’s future.

Places are limited, so booking is essential. Register for your tickets HERE

4 thoughts on “Cycling and the Police

  1. alas can’t get there – but looking forward to the report back; thank you for organising; have you invited the Council to send someone too? and perhaps one question is how can things like the public service board and the wellbeing plan help?

  2. Hi Was wondering if you could ask attitude to us setting up a Critical mass event on a regular basis?? thanks Paul

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