Monthly updates – June 2018

Cycling campaign meeting

Cardiff Cycle City Open Meeting Summary. 27/06/18

Meeting Chaired by Gwenda Owen.

The agenda of the meeting included reports on the current cycling-related matters in the city, as well as ongoing projects and proposals for the future:

If you have any opinions or comments on any of the topics raised then please use the comment box at the bottom of the page to get involved in the conversation!


The meeting discussed issues including empty docking stations, not enough bikes, letting Nextbike know when bikes are not available where they are needed.

If there is not a docking station near you, feedback to Cardiff Council (CC) via your local Councilor.

Suggestions for improvements included:

  • clearer information on unlocking & returning, particularly when dock is full
  • being able to let Nextbike know when and where bikes are not available
  • if you find a bike and collect it, return it and get a credit (good will gesture)?
  • request to Nextbike to keep communication going – monthly email reminders about process for hires etc.

Cardiff Council Surveys & consultations

Closing date for both the Potholes & Poor Road Surfaces and the Transport & Clean Air Paper survey noted as Sunday 1 July.  

Chris Roberts reported on his paper about transport and clean air written for the IWA “Decarbonising Wales” … “De-Car” transport! The Executive Summary is available on the IWA website.

A spend of £17 per head is recommended (Manchester recently announced £54 per head – £500m spend). The announcement of £60m from the Infrastructure Fund for Wales and the amount allocated to cycling will be about £10 per head, averaged over three years. But if the amount is calculated from the beginning of the Active Travel Act it averages at £6 per head .. nowhere near enough to fulfil the ATA.

On-street Cycle Hangars

A bike hangar in the London borough of Waltham Forest

The Chair reported on progress, that conversations with council officers continue but have been somewhat stalled by funding and maintenance issues. Manufacturers Cycle-Hoop are happy to meet with the council but it’s clear that cost is the main issue.

Suggestions for sponsorship; eg. could the University sponsor one in a student area?

It was also mentioned (following discussions with neighbours and council officers) that Cardiff Council would need to subsidise the rentals of the hangar spaces. It would be fair and equitable if cycle hangar space was charged at the same rate as the charge for the first car in a residents parking area. The subsidy could come from either charging more for a second residents car parking space, and/or congestion charges.

There would also need to be short-stay (6 month or 3 month) options for hires.

Greener Grangetown

With the Greener Grangetown project nearing completion there has been some criticism of measures taken to improve the Taff Trail element of the route, which on the ground now don’t reflect at all the initial plans – although the scheme does still seem to be incomplete.

Grangetown/Tidy Grangetown have arranged an infrastructure ride on 18 July at 1800 with Caro Wild, to show problems and benefits on the Embankment and Corporation Rd sections.

David Hann will participate and report back in the next meeting. All are welcome to come along.

Cardiff Cycle Advisory Group

Following our report back on the session with Cardiff Bus and Traveline Cymru, Cardiff Council have taken on the driver training issues and will take this up with Cardiff Bus.

Changing timings of traffic light changes at pedestrian/toucan crossings:  Following the session with the council’s control centre some crossings have been de-linked from the auto-system and others are having timings or other aspects amended.

There is still concern for the crossings at Western Avenue, where there is no safe waiting area. It is recommended that where people have local knowledge about inadequate provision at crossings to contact their local Councillor, MP or Assembly Member about the issues – they will then contact officials.

Gwenda reported that the council are still keen to try some pilots and for Cardiff Cycle City supporters to suggest locations  that would benefit from changes. This can be done using the comments box below, or emailing

Looking forward to our JULY meeting

Cabinet Member for Transport Cllr Caro Wild will be attending our meeting for a brief update and Q&A session.

To make the most of this opportunity, and to help the session run smoothly, we want to know what our supporters think are the most important cycling questions to put to Caro. You can do this by using the comments box below, or emailing

Some suggested topics include:

  • Time frame of construction of the Cycle Superhighways
    • rebranding the ‘superhighway’ name, potentially with something Welsh?
  • Clarification on active-travel infrastructure in the LDP plans
  • Clarification on secure cycle storage for Central Square development
    • Secure cycle parking elsewhere in city centre
  • Lifting the ban on Cycling on Queen Street
  • Signing Issues
  • Data on Nextbike usage
    • replacement of cycle parking removed for Nextbike docks
  • Ely Trail — Papermill…is there ever going to be an end?

Any other business

Bicycle Bus to Brecon:  This had been raised at the Cardiff Bus presentation and it was reported that sadly funding/subsidy had been withdrawn and this service was no longer viable. We will raise the subject of subsidy with AMs

Great Western Railway: space for Bikes:  There were many points/complaints/suggestions regarding the GWR policy and facilities for bikes on new trains and it was suggested that individuals contact their AMs and MPs direct with their concerns.

Schools Survey: The project has been taken on by a supportive teacher.   The survey however needs translating into Welsh and will need either a contact or some help with this.

Pedal Power Ride for All: Charity ride from Brecon to help raise sponsorship for Pedal Power.  30 September 2018. Joining instructions/booking is on the Pedal Power website


Our meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month, unless we are hosting a special event. They are open to the public so come along and share your views!

Cardiff Cycle City is run by volunteers. If you have any time or skills that you think would benefit our cause then please get in touch!

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  1. What is going to happen with cyclists in queen street I’m disabled use wheelchair and don’t enjoy going into queen street anymore due to amount cyclists illegally riding bikes down queen street as I’ve had so many close calls with cyclists almost running into me I try to avoid now going into city centre on my own

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