Monthly updates – September 2017

Cardiff Cycle City meetingFollowing on from the presentation by Lindsey Brown on the Taff Trail Engagement Study we took the opportunity to find out what those attending think our priorities should be for the next year, and, through this to refresh the current Cardiff Cycle City Manifesto.


Rethinking our manifesto in light of recent developments

As many of our manifesto items are being implemented, or have been integrated into the Cycling Strategy, we thought it a good idea to talk about what needs to happen and why.

The following is a list of things that were discussed and deemed important enough to be followed up. There is no particular order to the list; the order of priorities is something that will develop with a wider input from our followers – YOU!

  • Integrated Network Map
    • Building a network (link residential areas with desirable destinations)
    • Linking to neighbouring authorities
    • Cycle Parking/Hubs and Hangars and CCTV (Hubs: buses to convey cycles)
    • New/moving business outside Cardiff – impact/opportunity for Taff Trail
  • Close Pass/Near Misses
    • Reporting (information – e.g. 101, taking vehicle numbers etc.)
    • Enforcement
    • Justice
  • Fostering a Cycling Culture
    • Policy on temporary events (cycle parking)
    • Mandatory training for professional drivers (start with Cardiff Bus)
    • In partnership with Sustrans develop a compulsory Code of Practice for contractors when creating temporary diversions and space for cycles and walkers around site works
  • Cardiff Council Rolling out 20mph
    • Encourage Cardiff Council to give positive cycling messages (eg. drivers please don’t overtake in a 20mph)
    • Design-led behaviour desirable
    • Enforcement
  • Surfaces
    • Potholes, tree roots and bad surfaces put cyclists off and can be dangerous
    • Funds for road resurfacing must not come from an active travel budget
  • Car-free days
  • Cycling in the City Region

Use the comments section below to let us know which one of these areas you find most important, or if you think of anything we’ve neglected to mention.

Our meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month, the next one is on the 26th October

5 thoughts on “Monthly updates – September 2017

  1. I would like to add talking to the Council about getting taxi firms to abide by the 20mph speed limits. There are so many of them, that if they drove at the right speed, everyone else would be forced to! (black boxes as a condition of their licence maybe?)

  2. Now that the Cycling Liaison & Development Group (which I was a member of, with other cycling reps) has ceased, I think we need to address what consultation arrangements can be made with Cardiff Council – and maybe other Councils. For a period we had consultation on the Enfys schemes and received updates on traffic counts etc., related to the Cardiff Cycling Strategy and LTP, but then Transportation Planners stopped doing this, and did not encourage discussion of cyclist stakeholder items. A debrief on the results of the Active Travel Integrated Map consultation would be welcome.

  3. I have threethings to mention

    What are the council going to do about the cycle paths that vanish? For instance turn left on to Rover way from Tremorfa towards Newport road and there is a cycle lane then you get to the bridge and it’s vanished.

    Second point. How about clamping down on drivers that park on cycle lanes? Colchester Avenue and Ty-Glas Avenue are Paticularly bad. The latter at schools times.

    Third point!

    So when there is a chicane for cars often the road sweeper will have cleared the leave on the toad leaving the cycle lane dangerous to cycle through. There are also common problems with these lanes to the left of the chicanes being pools of water.

  4. I’d like to see something done about drivers blocking cycle lanes too, taxis and van drivers are the absolute worst and cause a lot of genuinely dangerous situations for commuters – the rest of the traffic isn’t generally watching out for cyclists having to evade dangerous trade/taxi drivers at the last minute either, so it can be genuinely terrifying.

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