Sustrans Cymru Taff Trail Engagement Study

Cardiff Cycle City meeting

This month we were pleased to host a talk from Lindsey Brown, Sustrans Cymru Area Manager for Cities, the aim of which was to present the current Taff Trail engagement study and gain insight and feedback from regular cyclists that make up the Cardiff Cycle City following.

The meeting opened with presentation and discussion with Lindsey Brown:

Lindsey outlined the process and progress on the Taff Trail Engagement Study, the outcome of which will be to identify a series of locations on the Taff Trail to be audited, designed, costed and improvements/changes carried out.

Lindsey Brown
Lindsey Brown presents the Taff Trail Engagement Study

Cardiff Council Capital ambition document includes bidding for budget line for 2018 financial year to make agreed improvements, and the study will inform where money is spent first.

Cardiff Cycle City supporters will be emailed with a link to an on-line survey, which can be found below.

There have been a series of public engagement events along the trail, advertised on social media.  The collection of views is on a short time-frame for two weeks from 30 September.

Feedback was then taken from the room, including the obvious question of why another public consultation is happening on a route that has already been audited as part of the Integrated Network Map. One answer was that it will give the Council an idea of what the most serious issues are and where they are located, which will help them decide where to begin work:

“Although it would be great to fix everything at once, we need to find out what peoples priorities are so we know where to begin spending what is ultimately a limited budget.”

Mention was also made of the move of part of the Deptartment for Work & Pensions to Taffs Well, and the impact this will have given the increased traffic on the Taff Trail.

If you have any opinions on what can be done to improve the Taff Trail you can complete the online survey here in English or Welsh.

The meeting then moved on…

We then discussed wider issues of cycling in Cardiff, particularly areas of concern that should be prioritised by Cardiff Cycle City as part of an refresh of our manifesto. You can continue reading here.

Do you have any questions or opinions about the Taff Trail or the engagement study? Start a discussion in the comments section below!

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