There was a lot of hype around Wales’ Active Travel Act when it was passed by the Welsh Assembly in 2013. It had the ambitious aim of making “walking and cycling the most natural and normal way of getting about for short journeys”.

Integrated network map
Examining the Integrated Network Map as part of our public consultation event

This was to be delivered by making local councils draw up plans for comprehensive walking and cycling networks that would get people from their homes to work, school, the shops, basically anywhere where they might otherwise have gone to by car.

Four years later we have now seen the Cardiff plan (known as an Integrated Network Map) which is to be discussed by the council’s cabinet this week. The plan can be found here, (from page 665). If it is approved by the council then it has to be submitted to Welsh Government for final approval.



Cardiff Cycle City’s view is that there are lots of positive proposals in the plan. However we feel that a lot more needs to be done to ensure that people, especially those who are new to riding a bike, can make their whole journey without being fearful of traffic. We are therefore pleased that the council has agreed to our recommendation and committed to undertaking more work on this issue by submitting an improved plan in twelve months time.

We look forward to working with the council in achieving our joint ambition of making Cardiff the best cycling city in the UK.

3 thoughts on “Crunch Time for the Active Travel Act

  1. Is work going to be started on the good bits of the plan, or will there now be no cycling improvements until after the improved plan in twelve months time?

    1. Assuming the plans are approved by Welsh Government then work on the Primary Routes (which are the good bits) can begin. Separate to this we have secured an amendment to the plans that the wider network be significantly improved, and these will have to be resubmitted in 12 months’ time.

  2. Also disappointed by the number of times “insufficient carriageway space” shows up as an excuse in the consultation notes. Drop a car lane if there isn’t room 🙁

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