Cardiff’s Transport Vision: Despenser Gardens

Cardiff Council is consulting on a proposal to implement a traffic management scheme in the Despenser Gardens area of Riverside, based on the plan shown here.

Despenser GardensThe plans include one-way stepped cycle tracks on Clare St. and parallel zebra crossings on all arms of the roundabout. There are raised-table zebra crossings with an additional space dedicated for cyclists to cross the carriageway.


There are also plans for continuous footways on Neville St. across the junctions of De Burgh Place and Rawden Place, plus the existing access to Neville Place will be closed from the roundabout.


And as with all new schemes in Cardiff this will also benefit from Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) integration. SuDS provide a natural approach to surface water management by creating a ‘mini water processing site’. 

Further details about this consultation are available from the council’s website HERE using the ‘current consultations’ link.

If you would like to make any comments about this proposal please email them to

The closing date for the consultation is 02/12/2020

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