The Cardiff Cycle City Annual General Meeting

Your chance to get more involved in making Cardiff the best city for cycling in the UK: The Cardiff Cycle City Annual General Meeting.

Like most voluntary organisations Cardiff Cycle City (C=CC)  is run by a small group of people who organise our meetings and events, run campaigns, give us a presence on social media, look after our funds and a whole range of other things. These people are our Committee and they come from, and are elected by, you, our supporters. It’s been just over a year since most of our existing Committee were put in place, so we are now looking to elect a committee once again. That election will take place at our Annual Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 30th November at 6.00pm in The Bike Lock, 10 Windsor Place, Cardiff, CF10 3BX. This is your invite to get a free ticket via Eventbrite (click here) to attend the meeting and take part.

C=CC activities are all geared towards making Cardiff the Best Cycling City in the UK. Our Committee are keen to attract people who feel they could be helpful in making things happen.

There are 10 places on the Committee including the specific roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, with a further 2 places being available during the year for co-option at Committee discretion. We recognise that not all Committee members can contribute or offer involvement all of the time, but it is expected that committee members will attend or send apologies for meetings, respond to proposals and initiatives and help or be supportive where they can.  We will be sending out more information about the various officer roles shortly.  If you would like to have an informal chat about getting more involved, please email:

The election process is: Cardiff Cycle City followers may nominate themselves for the Committee by notifying the Secretary up to seven days before the AGM by email to Nominations to be received NO LATER than Thursday 23rd November.

Nominees will need to to make a short (max 200 words) personal statement including whether you have any specific skills or areas of interest to offer, and a commitment to what your involvement on the Committee could be and also whether you are interested in taking any of the specific roles of Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer.

Nominees will be expected to attend the AGM and be prepared to read out their personal statement if necessary.

Voting: If more than 10 nominations are received, voting will be by a secret ballot. Should it be necessary to count votes, a volunteer from the meeting will be requested.

Motions/Resolutions: If you would like to propose a motion for discussion at the AGM, perhaps to change an element of our Constitution or how C=CC operates, you must send it to NO LATER than Thursday 23rd November.

The AGENDA for the AGM will be as follows (some of the items link to background documents on our website):

Agenda for the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Cardiff Cycle City.

To be held on Thursday 30th November at 6.00pm in The Bike Lock.
A1: Committee report of work of C=CC over the period August 2022 to November 2023 

A2: Presentation of Accounts (August 2022 to October 2023)

A3: Minutes/Notes from last AGM and any matters arising

A4: Resolutions: Discussion of any proposals given to the Secretary at least 7 days in advance of the meeting. Includes a brief discussion on possible new Committee roles of Newsletter Editor, Membership Officer, Campaigns Coordinator and Sub Group Leads.

A5: Election of Committee Members 

A6: Election of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer

A7: Annual Membership Fee: Committee proposal of no membership fee for now, but this will be reviewed with our followers over the coming months.

A8: Any Other Business
Following the formal Annual General Meeting we’ll convene our eagerly anticipated Annual Awards night!

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