The cycling “Miracle Pill”

Peter Walker

Global warming, traffic congestion, air quality, mental health, sedentary lifestyles, transport inequality, noise pollution and road casualties; Cardiff, like many modern cities, has multiple challenges that relate directly or indirectly to how we get around our city.

The good news is that active travel in general, and cycling specifically, can provide a panacea to help combat all of these issues. 

As we’ve seen from our comparison of EVs (electric vehicles) and the humble bicycle, the bike can help transform our capital city into a cleaner, greener, healthier, fairer, more efficient and more pleasant place to live, work and visit.

That’s why, at Cardiff Cycle City, we aim to bring people together to help make Cardiff the best cycling city in the UK.

“What is the ‘miracle pill’, the simple lifestyle change with such enormous health benefits that, if it was turned into a drug, would be the most valuable drug in the world? The answer is movement and the good news is that it’s free, easy and available to everyone”

Peter Walker, Journalist and Author

“From 70 years of research…Physical activity is the nearest thing to a wonder drug…for mental health, well being, living longer…lessening risk of disease”

Dr. Adrian Davis, European public health & transport planning specialist, Edinburgh Napier Institute, advisor to W.H.O. and Welsh Gov.

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