Cardiff Cycle City Hustings 2022 – Thursday, April 14th

Cardiff will go to the polls on May 5th to elect a new council.  That council will face huge challenges, not least because of Covid and spiralling living costs.  We all know that getting more people to use bikes instead of cars for their everyday journeys can save people money and make a major contribution to our city’s health, environment and general well being. But do the politicians?  If we are to fulfil our ambition of making Cardiff the best city for cycling in the UK, we need to take every opportunity to hammer the message home.  It’s Cardiff Council that has the main responsibility for providing cycling facilities in our city. Cardiff Cycle City has been campaigning hard to influence the Council.  We’ve organised regular events to allow you to question senior councillors on how they’re improving conditions for people who ride bikes.  We’ve also recently published a manifesto setting out the pro-cycling policies we want the next council to adopt. Now that we’re heading into the elections, Cardiff Cycle City wants to ensure that our supporters have the opportunity to quiz the potential new councillors for our city on their policies for enhancing cycling in Cardiff.

We have organised a special hustings on Thursday 14th April from 6.30pm to 8.00pm where you will be able to hear representatives of the leading parties set out their policies on cycling, with an opportunity to quiz them on the details.  The event will be held via Zoom and you can get free tickets here.  But hurry, places are limited.

We really need politicians to know that there are lots of people in our city who care about cycling, and will use their vote to make a difference.  You can help play your part by supporting this event.

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