Peter Walker – The Miracle Pill

On Thursday 28 October we were delighted to host the Guardian journalist and author Peter Walker, who agreed to talk to us about his latest book, The Miracle Pill.  The ‘pill’ is physical activity and the book is all about how we need to change our communities and lifestyles so that we get more of it.  Given that Peter’s previous book was “How Cycling Can Save the World”, it’s no surprise that making it easier for people to cycle is a major topic in the book.  You can find out more about the book and purchase a copy here.

Peter last spoke to us in March 2018 when we had a capacity audience at Ride My Bike Cafe. By contrast this event was held via Zoom but the demand for tickets was still high!

About Peter Walker

Peter Walker is a political correspondent for the Guardian in London, and a regular commentator and broadcaster on issues including politics, active living and health.

He first became fascinated by the impact of everyday exertion when, as an inactive and badly asthmatic early 20-something, he gave up a secure graduate desk job to become a bicycle courier in London and then Sydney. The change of profession, including a brief period wearing a skintight, hot-pink Lycra company jersey, transformed his life and health.

His first book, Bike Nation: How Cycling Can Save the World, explained how rebuilding towns and cities for everyday cycling makes them healthier and more equal.

As a journalist, he has also worked for the Press Association, Agence France-Presse, CNN and others, reporting from places including China, Iraq and North Korea.

Watch a recording of the event below:

The event was recorded so you can replay the talk and subsequent discussion whenever you want by using the video player below.

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