Commonplace and the council’s Active Travel Network Map

A review of our online mapping event

As outlined in an earlier post, the council has until the end of this year to submit plans for an improved walking and cycling network in Cardiff. 

A key first step in drawing up those plans is the launch of a new online mapping system: Commonplace. The system allows you to put a virtual pin in an online map of the city to show where you think there is an issue and then add a comment about what needs to be done.

In order to assist people in understanding the system and the reason behind it, we organised an online meeting looking at how best to use the new Commonplace mapping system to improve cycling in Cardiff.

Catch up with the event

The meeting was hosted by our Chair Gwenda Owen, and we were joined by senior Cardiff Council active travel officer Gail Bodley-Scott, who was on hand to explain the system and answer your questions.

During the event people typed questions using Zoom Chat, and we managed to get through most of them!

The entire meeting is available for you to watch below. If you have any questions of your own then you are welcome to use the comments section at the bottom of the page.

You can access Cardiff Commonplace here.  Please be aware that the deadline for using the system to make comments is 29 January 2021

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