Red route pop-up cycleway consultation response

Red Route Pop-up Cycleway

As part of their pop-up Covid response Cardiff Council have been consulting on the latest temporary route, the so-called Red Route. This stretches along Albany Road from “death junction” at City Road, linking to the new scheme on Wellfield Road.

Red Route Pop-up Cycleway

To the uninitiated this may seem controversial, as the cycleway replaces the entire stretch of kerbside car parking. Therefore there has been much opposition to the scheme from a noisy minority of people.

We at Cardiff Cycle City are strongly supportive of any scheme that reallocates public space to allow for safe, convenient cycling, and we strongly encourage anyone who feels the same to contact the Council voicing their support

Our Response

As well as supporting the scheme, we believe there are a number of issues with the current plans that need to be considered. We have outlined them below:

We would like to extend our wholehearted support to the scheme, and sincerely thank Caro and the team of officers who seem determined to make the most of the opportunity that the pandemic has brought to create space for people to travel safely without needing a car.

There are a few points that we would like to be raised, in order to ensure that the scheme is as good as it can be:
  • There needs to be increased enforcement or robust reporting measures (such as warden patrols/CCTV/ANPR evidence) to deter people from parking in the cycleway when ‘just popping to the shops’.
  • The wands should be positioned to prevent people from driving between them to park, and they need to be secured so they can’t be unscrewed.
  • There should be signs informing people waiting at bus stops not to wait on the zebra, as has been happening on the new lane by the castle.
  • There needs to be adequate signage/markings on the side roads approaching Albany Rd for drivers to give way to cycles, and not to block the cycleway when waiting to turn.
  • It should be made clear how cyclists heading west continue safely, and how they access City/Crwys/Richmond Roads or indeed Macintosh Pl, without dismounting.
With regards to the final point we would hope that in the near future the cycleway could be extended, perhaps down Richmond Rd to connect to Cycleway 2 on Newport Rd, and also up Crwys Rd to connect to Cycleway 1 on Cathays Terrace.

In conclusion we support this proposal and hope that it eventually becomes permanent.

Show them there’s support

In order to counter the inevitable emails from people who are against the scheme it would be really good for the council to receive some support.

We therefore strongly encourage you to send a quick email to . It doesn’t have to be long or detailed, just that you think the scheme is a positive move and you’d like to show your support!

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