Cardiff Schools Survey

Are you a parent, Governor or teacher across one of Cardiff’s many schools?


Is your school environment an idyllic model of active travel? Or, is the school run chaotic with vehicles and an unwelcoming place for cycling, scooting and walking? If it’s the latter we at Cardiff Cycle City may be able to help.


Already trialled with a north Cardiff school and in collaboration with Cardiff Council, we have shaped a reusable school survey. This seeks information about children’s school journeys, plus parent views on the surrounding road infrastructure and barriers and enablers for increased, safer active travel.

The survey is easy to run, administer and analyse and provides a platform to help drive improvements with the school and Council.

Active travel such as walking, scooting or cycling has a raft of benefits for children, adults, the environment, our city, the local economy and wider finances. As Cardiff continues to grow and traffic congestion and pollution worsen we at Cardiff Cycle City think schools should be at the forefront of positive changes.

If you’re a parent, Governor or teacher who can spare a little time and are keen to help drive changes in and around your school, get in touch.

All you need is a little enthusiasm and a willingness to liaise with your school. Together we’ll make more school runs a safer, happier model of active travel!

You can contact us on social media (links below) or by emailing: