Cardiff Cycle Awards – The Results

Thank you to the nearly 800 people who voted in Cardiff Cycle City’s first ever Cardiff Cycling Awards!  The award ceremony took place on Wednesday in a packed Ride My Bike Cafe.

AMs Jenny Rathbone and Julie Morgan

The awards party also heard from two Cardiff Assembly Members, Julie Morgan (Cardiff North) and Jenny Rathbone (Cardiff Central) who pledged to support Cardiff Cycle City’s ambition of making Cardiff the best city for cycling in the UK.

The awards have shown just how much enthusiasm there is for cycling as a means of transport in our capital city.  It’s been great to have so many people take part in the nominations and final vote.

We are also delighted with the contributions the award winners are making to improving cycling in Cardiff.  There are lots of really good things going on.

We are also pleased that the City Council came along to take the awards for the problem areas and have agreed to work with us on making improvements.

The winners of the five categories were:

With nearly 800 votes counted the competition was fierce. All the nominees were strong contenders but there could only be one winner in each category:


Award 1. Biggest contribution to improving cycling in Cardiff
  • NextBike
Award 2. Cardiff school doing most to encourage cycling to school
  • Radnor Primary School
Award 3. Worst street/path for potholes in Cardiff
  • Newport Road
Award 4. Worst junction for cyclists in Cardiff
  • Newport Road generally!
Award 5. The I Loves the ‘Diff Award for the Most Cycle Friendly Business
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University

Congratulations to all the winners!

Radnor Primary win the ‘Best School’ award

We hope that these awards have brought some recognition of the excellent work being done for cycling in Cardiff, as well as identifying those areas of the city that are desperate for improvement.

These inaugural cycling awards have been a great success and we hope that everyone has enjoyed participating, and hopefully they will become an annual event on the Cardiff cycling calendar.

We would also like to think that you will keep in touch and perhaps get involved with Cardiff Cycle City.  We have a programme of activities throughout the year and the best way to stay informed is to sign up to our mailing list here.

Thanks again for helping to make the very first Cardiff Cycling Awards such a great success!

With every best wishes for the Christmas season and the New Year ahead.

Cardiff Cycle City

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