Riding to school is not for everyone

Full disclosure: I like bikes. I once rode from from Canada to Mexico because I thought it sounded like fun. And I imagine you think I would be okay with my kids to riding to school. But I wasn’t.

I know what it’s like to ride my bike in the rain.

I also know how much resilience is required to ride my bike everyday.

Not to mention, organising your kit takes discipline.

Have I mentioned the look people give you when you tell them you don’t have a car?

My kids wouldn’t like it, and they would hate me for making them ride to school.

People in car’s don’t like people on bikes; I didn’t want to put my kids in danger.

My kids would be exhausted by the time they got into school; it would be too much for them.

I would be asking much of them making them ride their bikes everyday.

Did I mention punctures?

I thought my kids would hate the Welsh weather, they don’t, I do. They are too busy laughing and talking to notice.

My kids find it easy to get up and organise themselves. Signing them for being late is a thing of the past, like traffic jams.

The other kids want to ride in with them and their teachers can’t do enough for them, while the parents think my kids must be super heroes in disguise.

It took my kids a few weeks to get used to riding in; it took me longer to relax and stop worrying about them.

It’s harder for me because I can imagine how hard it would be for you.

Simon Harling, writes on fitness, coaching and leadership at simonharlingblog.com

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