Cardiff Cycling Updates and Discussion with Councillor Caro Wild


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Ride My Bike Cafe
26 Park Place, Cardiff, Cardiff, CF10 3BA
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Cllr Caro Wild
Cllr Caro Wild

We are please to announce that this month we will be joined by Cabinet Member for Transport Cllr Caro Wild, who will be attending our meeting for a brief update and Q&A session.

To make the most of this opportunity, and to help the session run smoothly, we want to know what our supporters think are the most important cycling questions to put to Caro.

Some suggested topics include:

  • Time frame of construction of the Cycle Superhighways
    • rebranding the ‘superhighway’ name, potentially with something Welsh?
  • Clarification on active-travel infrastructure in the LDP plans
  • Clarification on secure cycle storage for Central Square development
    • Secure cycle parking elsewhere in city centre
  • Lifting the ban on Cycling on Queen Street
  • Signing Issues
  • Data on Nextbike usage
    • replacement of cycle parking removed for Nextbike docks
  • Ely Trail — Papermill development, is there ever going to be an end?

You can make your own suggestions by using the comments box below, or emailing

7 thoughts on “Cardiff Cycling Updates and Discussion with Councillor Caro Wild

  1. Why has no priority been given to cycling routes from Cardiff TC east toward St Mellons business park? Neglected routes from years.

  2. Please can we ask:

    1. What is being done about enforcement of 20mph limits? Around Cathedral Road and area they are largely ignored and there appears to be no enforcement. I assume it is similar elsewhere.

  3. Can we make sure that any new routes have easy connections to side-streets with proper entry/exit points, and that they run all the way into town, and don’t just fizzle out when the street narrows like they do now?

  4. Cardiff Bay Barrage cycleway: this cycleway carries a huge amount of commuter traffic that must surely take a lot of vehicular pressure off the congested A4232 Cogan Spur area. Yet no consideration is given to the impact on cycle commuters when major events are held in the Bay. During the Volvo Ocean Race cycle commuters were stopped and searched for three weeks. Stopping and searching people entering an event is fair enough, but stopping and searching commuters on their way home is a major civil liberties issue and something better suited to somewhere under military occupation, not a democracy. It is not British behaviour, and is very unpleasant. There can surely be a way to arrange major events such that impact on cycle commuters is minimized, and searching of event participants/spectators takes place at more appropriately-placed checkpoints.

  5. Sorry, I can’t get to tonight’s meeting but as a resident of Creigiau who’s now finding the A4119 hazardous to cycle along because of the temporary traffic lights, I’d like to know:
    – were cyclists taken into account in the risk assessments as in order to get to the front of the lights, it’s uphill and into a narrow space of oncoming traffic, or a tricky steep hill start?
    – when these works will finish, and then what the plan and timescale is for segregated cycling for the whole stretch between Creigiau and the city/Radyr? I have asked the local councillor and the council directly about the second points with no result. That road is going to get even busier with the new developments but there doesn’t appear to be a joined-up plan for safe cycling and it’s now more unsafe than it was before.

  6. Is there any means of guaranteeing that segregated cycling infrastructure to the city centre is privided from new developments being built on the outskirts of Cardiff? Along with regular and reliable public transport this is surely required to minimise additional traffic chaos.

  7. Within a radius of 2 miles from Circle Way East CF23 9PD (St. Teilo’s C/W High School), there are ~ a minimum of 9 schools, St. David’s College, UWIC Cyncoed, and University residential Hall on Ty Gwynne Road. There are currently no dedicated cycle tracks, and road traffic is very busy and fast. With the current planning application to expand student residences at UWIC Cyncoed, will a new network of dedicated cycle paths be built. The current network of tarmac paths in Chapelwood/Roundwood and adjacent areas are unsuitable, as they are heavily used by parents to walk their children to and from 4 local primary schools. The Welsh Assembly is concerned about lack of exercise by youngsters in Wales. This is an opportunity to address the problem.

    Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern,
    Ysgol y Berllan Deg,
    Llanedeyrn Primary School,
    All Saints C/W Primary School,
    St. Philip Evans RC Primary School,
    St. Teilo’s C/W High School,
    St. David’s C/W Primary School
    St. David’s RC College
    UWIC Cyncoed
    University Hall, Ty Gwynne Road.

    These are 10 schools and colleges with no dedicated cycle track between them. Surely priority should be given to the building of such a cycle track.
    I understand that the Cardiff Council Cycling Officer resigned and was not replaced in the last few years. Is this correct?

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